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Roundup of 10 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Lazy Stay-at-Home Mom

Let’s be real: money is a love-hate relationship with most of us. Although money isn’t the answer to all of our problems, it does put food on the table and clothes on our backs. So I guess the question is, who doesn’t want a little extra mula in their pockets?

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I’ve listed 10 fun and simple ways to make a little extra cash on the side. They’re pretty easy and actually make you money through consistency, time, and maybe a little investing and creativity.

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1. Sell your gently used stuff to local businesses.

I live in Indiana so these stores may be different than the ones near you, but I have several options for selling gently used items in my area. You might have the same stores close by or something similar:

Plato’s Closet: Sell your teens’ (or your) name brand clothing and accessories (Adidas, Hollister, American Eagle, etc).

Once Upon a Child: Sell your children’s’ used clothing and shoes (infant to kid sizes), toys, baby gear and furniture.

Disc Replay: Sell your used DVDs, blu-ray movies, electronics, CDs, video games, video game systems, and video game accessories.

Half Price Books: Sell your used books, records, movies, and even video games.

2. Or sell your used stuff online.

You can sell virtually anything online nowadays. For real… ANYTHING; pretty much whatever someone might find value in. Use this to your advantage and sell items on eBay, Craigslist, or a community garage sale page on Facebook.

3. OR buy clearance or discounted items to sell as new online.  

I tried this idea once upon a time, but it didn’t quite pan out for me personally.

I found some name brand cosmetics at my local Dollar Tree and decided to list them on eBay. A couple did sell, but I didn’t profit nearly enough to continue to do it. However, I know some people find great success in doing this.

Check a Dollar Tree near you for some surprising finds that can easily be resold at a higher price (they have a great selection of books, all for only $1 each!), or check out clearance areas and bins at stores like Walmart or Target. You never know what you might find!

4. If you don’t want to mess with posting and listing on the internet, just have a garage sale!

Bring the customers right to you! Setting up for a garage sale isn’t too difficult, and it’s usually a guaranteed way of earning a little extra cash.

If you don’t feel like pricing ALL of your goods, just price the big ticket items and then ask your buyers to give you their best offer on the rest. You might earn more than you initially thought you would!

 5. Start a preschool or daycare in your home. 

Sarah over at Early Bird Mom suggests this tip for stay-at-home mamas. If you enjoy teaching your little one, why not add some more kiddos and get paid to do what you love? Requirments to start an in-home preschool or daycare do vary from state to state.

6. The go to: Online surveys (Swagbucks)

This one is usually always on the list of ways to make extra money, and for good reason.

When my family was tight on money before my second child was born, I took to the Internet to find ways to make some cash on the side. I tried several online survey companies, but Swagbucks was by far the most user-friendly and “fun” site. They give you several options to earn points by watching videos, searching the web, shopping online, and (of course) taking surveys.

You won’t get rich from this and it does take time, but I have earned enough points to receive a few gift cards. If you prefer cash, you can exchange points for dollars and have it sent to you through PayPal.

7. Make simple crafts and sell them on Etsy.

There are so many great (and easy) craft ideas on the internet. Some people don’t have time to make them, though. That’s where you come in! Find some easy projects (like this or this), buy your supplies from Goodwill or Dollar Tree, and get crafting!

If you can sew or knit, make children’s clothing or scarves. If you have great handwriting, personalize wine glasses or cups for weddings and parties. People pay big bucks for handmade, personalized items.

8. Or make money from your photography. 

Are you good with a camera? Start by taking pictures of family and friends to add to your portfolio. Once you’ve accumulated a number of photos that display your work, start a photography business.

If that sounds like too much work, Kiplinger suggests selling your photos to stock image sites. Your pictures may or may not be accepted, but if they are, Kiplinger says you can make 0.25 cents to $120 for every image download! Woot, woot!

9. Clean houses. 

So this one is totally up to you. I know as a stay-at-home mom, you might not want to clean yet another space. I know I wouldn’t because I’m frickin’ lazy. However, this can bring in some good, consistent money. You can find jobs on in and around your area. Have your spouse or family member watch the kiddos while you go off to clean.

10. If all else fails, babysit.  

If you’re already a stay-at-home parent, why not add another child (or two if you’re ambitious) to your head count? Yes, it can get a little (or a lot) stressful, but it’s a great way to earn extra income.

Some parents may even drop their child off at your place so you don’t even need to leave the house AND your kids get a playmate for a few hours. Win-win!


If you have any ideas of your own on how to earn extra dough, feel free to share them in the comments below. I would love to hear them (and possibly try them out myself)!

Until next time…

live life lazily

2 thoughts on “Roundup of 10 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Lazy Stay-at-Home Mom”

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoy reading these and I’m excited to see what you have coming out of the wood-work. My wife and I are lazy by default and this site helps organize our present and future plans. Keep it up! 😀


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