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Say “Adios!” To Stubborn Carpet Stains with These 5 Effortless Ideas

So get this: I’ve figured out the BEST way to keep those hideous carpet stains at bay. Are you ready for it?! The #1 absolute, easiest way is…






to have no carpets at all!

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Hahah, I apologize if that wasn’t nearly as funny to you as it was to me. I just couldn’t help myself. If I haven’t lost you because of that cruel joke and you really are looking for ways to get stains out of your carpets, look no further. I did in fact do my homework and have come up with the top 5 ways to easily get those carpets looking brand spankin’ new… or at least looking close to what they used to look like pre-kids.

Say "Adios!" To Those Stubborn Carpet Stains with These 5 Effortless Methods-3.png

1. Make some DIY stain remover 

An easy and cheap stain remover that I’ve found to work well on virtually any stain is the Dawn soap/hydrogen peroxide/baking soda concoction. The longer you let it sit, the better. You can make any size batch you need. The recipe is just one part Dawn, one part baking soda, and two parts hydrogen peroxide. So something like this:

  • 2 TBSP blue Dawn liquid soap
  • 2 TBSP baking soda
  • 1/4 Cup hydrogen peroxide

You can double (or triple) this recipe when necessary. Just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and completely cover any stains on your carpets for half an hour or longer. After that, just take an old toothbrush and scrub what hasn’t already come out on its own!

2. Use white vinegar & baking soda

Clean Mama uses just two ingredients to get rid of stains. She lets the vinegar and baking soda sit on top of the stain for awhile, uses a washcloth to scrub it away, and then vacuums it up once it’s dry.

3. Rent or purchase a carpet cleaner

My husband and I actually just rented a Rug Doctor a few days ago, which is why it’s on this list! It worked really well for us. You can find these professional grade carpet cleaners in several stores around your area, including Menards, Kroger, Dollar General, and Home Depot. To rent the Rug Doctor here in Indiana, it was about $40; $25 for the Rug Doctor and $15 for a medium sized bottle of cleaner. They definitely get you with the cleaner, but you could always decide not to buy the $15 Rug Doctor brand and just purchase a cheaper generic brand from the store. Not sure if it would work as well, though.

If you want to save money over time, I would suggest purchasing a carpet cleaner. They’re an initial investment, but it will pay for itself in a few months if you rent something like a Rug Doctor regularly anyway.

4. Utilize ammonia & an iron 

Jillee over at One Good Thing uses ammonia mixed with hot water to get rid of the nastiest of carpet stains. After spraying the mixture onto the stain, lay a towel over it and iron that mess away!

5. Hire a professional carpet cleaner 

Sometimes it’s just easier. A carpet cleaner can get even the most stubborn stains out with the use of their high tech machinery, and you don’t have to do any of the work. Some of these services can be a bit pricey, but you can find some great deals on Groupon. We hired a carpet cleaner about a year ago and it was only $69 for three rooms and a hallway. Excellent deal with an excellent outcome! There was a red stain (permenant marker, maybe?) that didn’t quite come out completely, but I kid you not, our carpets looked almost as good as when we first moved in.


And that’s it. A few different methods to get those stubborn stains out of your carpet. Do you have a method that works wonders? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your social media frans. Sharing is (carpet) caring!

Until next time…

live life lazily











Say "Adios!" To Those Stubborn Carpet Stains with These 5 Effortless Methods-3.png

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