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Make Yourself a Priority, Woman! (In 7 Easy Steps)

It’s easy to put yourself last in line, especially when you have a family. So many things are important: kids, spouse, errands, job, chores. The list goes on and on like a never-ending abyss. Yes, all of these things are important, but don’t forget… you’re super important too, mama!

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It took me a long time to actually prioritize myself. Sometimes I still go too long without doing something for me and I definitely start to feel it. I become grumpy and a BIT CHarged emotionally.

As moms, we get into the monotony of our kids’ schedules, and we kinda just adopt theirs as our own. It’s really easy to forget about ourselves when we’re being drowned in loads of laundry and kid poop every day.

So how do you make yourself a priority in a busy world? With these simple steps:

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1. Start your day before the kids wake up   

I know, I know. Who the H-E-double hockey sticks wants to wake up earlier than they have to? But if this is the only chance you have for some alone time, you’ve gotta take what you can get.

Do a devotional, exercise, mediate or just sit on the porch and watch the sunrise. This little bit of peace you allow yourself in the morning can set the rest of your day up for #winning!

2. Schedule the time 

Remember how I just mentioned we get into the monotony of our kids’ schedules? Well, go ahead and just pencil “me time” right into their schedule. When you write things down, they become more of a commitment and you’ll be more likely to do it. And with that said…

3. Schedule the time AT LEAST once a week 

What did you like to do before having kids? Go to the movies? Get a pedicure? Eat without having to share? That last one is what I miss most.

Whatever it may have been, start doing it again and make it a weekly, reoccurring thing. Your happiness meter is sure to increase because you’re doing something specifically for you!

4. Pursue your passions

This one may take a little soul searching.

After having kids, I feel like I disappeared into the great unknown. And let’s be real, I’m still trying to find who I am again.

If you already know your passions, that’s great! Pursue them. If you’re like me and you have to figure out what your passions are again after little humans sucked ’em right outta you during childbirth, do that first and then pursue, pursue, pursue!

5. Take classes 

There are so many different classes you can take that will help you stay active (Zumba, yoga), learn (language, cooking), or just have fun (knitting, book club). Choose one that gets you pumped and sign up!

Groupon is great for finding classes like dance lessons or cooking courses, all at a discounted price. Many libraries have classes too, and they’re usually free, so be sure to check out your local library’s calendar for upcoming events that might interest you!

6. Have date nights 

This one involves your significant other, but it’s rewarding for you nonetheless. Spending time with your spouse will build your relationship and make you feel young again!

Carve out some one-on-one time with your spouse (no kids!). It could be a weekend getaway, a night out, or just a quiet evening together after the kids are in bed; whatever your schedule allows. This positive time spent together puts your emotional needs first, and that is so, SO important as a mom.

If you need more tips on spicin’ up the romance, check out this post.

7. Last but not least: Don’t feel guilty 

Oh, how I’ve fallen into the feeling of guilt too many times to count!

Why would I allow someone to watch my children so I can go relax or have fun? Am I being selfish? NO!!! … I have to internally scream that at myself sometimes. Hah.

It does get easier over time the more you make yourself a priority. And just because it gets easier, doesn’t mean you’re starting to neglect your family. You just begin to realize the importance of regularly putting yourself first. It makes you a better friend, wife, and mother.


No one can work 24/7 and expect to be happy in life. Every now and then, you need to take a break and that’s a-ok. You’re human!

Let me know how you make yourself a priority when you’re busy as a bee. Buzz buzz!

Until next time…

live life lazily


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