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50 Bite-Size​ Tips to Make Life Easy for Lazy Moms

Life isn’t easy. Far from it actually. Throw kids into the mix and that’s when the dookie really hits the fan.

But why does it all have to be so difficult?!  

Well, it really doesn’t have to be. When it comes to daily tasks, we make it super hard on ourselves and find the most difficult way possible to do them. It’s exhausting and time-consuming; similar to taking the BAR exam, right after doing a barefoot triathlon, with only 3 hours of sleep the night before… Yeah, exactly like that.

Let me help you out a bite. Below, you’ll find 50 tips on how to do everythang the easy peasy way. [This post may contain affiliate links]


50 Bite-Sized​ Tips to Make Life Easy Peasy for Lazy Moms-4.png

1. Use paper plates and plastic silverware so you don’t have to do dishes. 

2. Buy a robot vacuum.

3. Make extremely easy, minimal ingredient recipes.


4. Use spray sunscreen on your kids for quick application.

5. Use cold water in the washing machine so you don’t have to separate clothes.

6. Let the kids watch TV. 

7. Use a grocery pickup service like Walmart or Kroger.

8. Make your kids smoothies to easily get those veggies in each day.   

9. Wait until your tot is ready to potty train to avoid washing pee pants and cleaning up poop.  

10. Set up auto-pay bills online instead of paying bills via snail mail.  

11. Hire a maid.

Daily, weekly, or monthly. If you can afford it, why not?

12. Hire a nanny/babysitter. 

Again, why not?

13. Use the crockpot (A LOT!) for dinners.

14. Don’t feel like giving the kids a bath? Utilize baby wipe baths.

15. Do all of your holiday shopping online. 

Or all of your shopping period.

16. Get your car professionally detailed to make it look new again.

17. Use packaged ingredients to make dinners easier.

Frozen vegetables, instant rice, jarred sauce.

18. Make the kids play in the backyard often for a little peace and quiet indoors. 

19. Buy a pre-decorated, pop-up Christmas tree for easy setup and clean up this season.

Example here.

20. Use an oil or wax warmer so your house always smells so fresh and so clean.

Even if it really smells like a butt.

21. Wear your baby in a carrier or wrap for hands-free holding.

22. Buy prepackaged items for the kids’ lunches. 

Granola bars, cheese sticks, apple slices.

23. Invest in a riding lawn mower.

24. Use self-watering probes for your potted plants.

Like these.

25. Only wash your hair once a week.

It’s better for it anyway.

26. Use floss sticks when cleaning kids’ teeth instead of regular floss.

So much easier.

27. Buy a veggie tray for your family to snack on throughout the week so you don’t have to prep your own vegetables. 

28. Instead of raking, use a leaf blower.

29. Use the same towel after your showers (up to three times). 

This goes for every family member so there are fewer towels to wash.

30. Let the children play on your phone while grocery shopping.

31. Don’t feel like putting makeup on? Just apply lipstick!

It gives you a put together look without even trying.

32. Let the dog clean the food from the floor. 

33. Braid damp hair, sleep on it, and wake up with effortless mermaid hair! 

34. Or keep your hair short for easy maintenance. 

35. Play simple games with your kids.

Rock Paper Scissors, tic-tac-toe, thumb war.

36. Don’t wanna do laundry? Use linen spray to freshen up clothes and blankets.  

37. Lay your kids’ clothes out the night before school so you don’t have to scramble in the morning. 

38. Find decorative boxes or trunks to keep in the living room for toys.

This one is a great example.

39. Make the kids do the chores.

40. Instead of hanging Christmas lights, use outdoor laser lights. 

41. Borrow read-along CDs from the library so you don’t have to read to the kids all the time.  

42. Buy pre-filled eggs for Easter and pre-filled stockings for Christmas.   

43. Use Tide To Go pens like it’s nobody’s business.  

44. Pay your kids to massage your back and/or feet.

45. Get the mail every morning and count it as your daily exercise.

46. Get rid of toys.

Fewer toys = Less mess

47. Don’t feel like walking Fido? Train your dog to walk on the treadmill.

48. Have leftover night. 

49. Put a tracking device on your keys and phone so you’ll never lose them again. 

50. Have the family wear mosquito repellent bracelets instead of smelly, sticky bug spray. 


Look at those tips! Glistening in all their glory.

Comment below and let me know all of the lazy things you do to get around doing stuff. Life isn’t a test, so cheating is allowed.

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Until next time…

live life lazily

2 thoughts on “50 Bite-Size​ Tips to Make Life Easy for Lazy Moms”

  1. #2 all the way, don’t know what we would do without Chappie (our trusty Roomba)! Although I suppose there is always #32 to fall back on, in the dining room and kitchen at least. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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