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20 Cheap and Easy Ways to Update Your House

My house looks like it’s from the 80s. 

This may be due to that fact that it was built in the 1980s, but nevertheless, the walls should not still be singing, “I Love Rock and Roll On Wallpaper!”  

I’m only living here temporarily, so I haven’t done much updating.

What’s the point? I am lazy, afterall.

My husband and I are hoping to move within the next year or so, and although I would LOVE to buy a move in ready home, I doubt we’ll be able to right away with our budget. It’s smaller than a flea on a raccoon’s rump.  

Sooo, with that info, you better believe I’ve been making a list of cheap and easy ways to update our (eventual) new-to-us home. Want in on these ideas?

Behold, the list below! Fair warning: these tips invlove lots and lots o’ paint. [This post may contain affiliate links]  

20 Cheap and Lazy Ways to Update Your House-2.png

1. Paint the faucets 

Paint faucet.pngImage via Sincerely, Sara D. 

Brass is SO 90s. Easily up your faucet game with some paint. Full tutorial here

2. Add decorative hardware to the garage door

2012_10 047 (Large)blog.jpgImage via Love of Homes

This is an affordable, simple way to transform a standard garage door into a custom looking one!

3. Paint the walls 

Room paint

Easiest way to transform a room; from drab to fab! Just look at that pic above!

4. Put molding above doors and windows

How-to-install-decorative-m.jpgImage via In My Own Style

Doing this will make your home look more elegant, but it hardly takes any time at all! Tutorial here.

5. Spray paint light fixtures

Spray-Paint-Brass-Light-Fixtures3.jpgImage via One Hundred Dollars a Month 

Here’s that beloved 90s brass again. Brass be gone with good ol’ paint! Learn how here.

6. Paint the front door 

IMG_2307Image via Home Staging in Bloomington Illinois

Painting your front door will instantly give your home a fresh look. Here’s how to paint a door.  

7. Add mirrors to your closet doors

abc252b011637eb0ad55da2dd1c3a668.jpgImage via Kevin and Amanda

This is such an easy way to make your closet doors look classy. I’ve seen tall mirrors at Walmart for super cheap.

Choose a strong adhesive of choice (permenant or temporary), make sure the mirror is centered, then stick it to that door!

8. Frame your bathroom mirror 

IMG_16056.jpgImage via My Cottage Charm

Make it feel like you’re looking at a lovely picture of yourself every morning by framing your mirror! Tutorial here.  

9. Update your countertops 

faux marble.jpgImage via Make Do and DIY 

Believe it or not, this marble countertop isn’t real marble. Coulda fooled me! Tutorial right here.

10. Spray paint doorknobs 

spray-painting-save-money-12.jpgImage via Thirfty Decor Chick

Look what paint can do. Check it out.

11. Spray paint vents

updated-living-room-vent-1Image via The Frugal Homemaker

Again, let me repeat: look what paint can do.

12. Change lamp shades  


Update your home’s interior with new lamp shades! These can totally transform a living space. Don’t underestimate the power of light fixtures!

13. Panel your doors 

hollow-core-bore-to-a-beautiful-updated-door-diy-slab-door-makeover-doors-how-to-painting.jpgImage via Thrifty Artsy Girl

Does your home have those hollow brown doors? Mine does. These doors are definitely not my fave. They actually look really ugly and cheap to me. Here’s a great tutorial to turn those dreadful doors into elegant entryways.    

14. Add shelves 


Extra shelves add a nice touch in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom (especially over the porcelain throne).

15. Apply peel and stick gel tile 


In the kitchen as a backsplash, or the bathroom! Classic subway tiles. Buy ’em here

16. Jazz up outlet covers and light switch plates  

light switch.jpgImage via The Real Housewives of Riverton

Cover outlet plates in scrapbook paper with this cute idea, or frame your light switch plates

17. Stainless steel your dishwasher  

Covering-a-dishwasher-with-contact-paper.jpgImage from Craving Some Creativity

Don’t have the money for stainless steel appliances? Fake it till you make it! Literally… make your dishawasher stainless steel with contact paper. Click here to learn how.

18. Hang new curtains


Update your living room or bedroom by simply hanging new curtains.

New curtains = modern look     

19. Paint the ceiling fan

fan.jpgImage via Just Call Me Homegirl 

Why are ceiling fans so hideous? Most of them tend to be some shade of poop brown.

Perhaps fans are this color so when the “sh*t hits the fan“, it won’t show up as well. 🤔

Whatever the reason, I’m here to assure you that paint will come to your rescue yet again. Look here if you’d like a tutorial.

20. Add wood hardware to cabinets

Custom Cabinet.pngImage via The Idea Room

Fo’ sho’, the easiest way to make cabinets look like they were designed by you. Check out The Idea Room for more info.


With these easy updates, all  of the other houses in the neighborhood are gonna be jealous; wondering just how your house got to looking 10 years younger without spending thousands of dollars on a facelift.    

What cheap, home improvements have you done to your home? Leave a comment down below letting me know! And don’t forget to share this post on social media so ALL the houses of the world can feel pretty!

Until next time,

live life lazily


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