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Gifts that Entertain Your Preschooler So You Don’t Have To

I love spending time with my kids. I really do, but I seriously get so bored when I play with them. My son always wants to play cars; mainly making the cars have conversations and races. This is pretty much how our dialogue goes during a play session: 

His car: “Hi, lets race!”

My car: “Ok… On your mark, get set, go!”

*Vrooming sounds*

His car: “Yeah, I win! Let’s race again!” 

My car: “Ok, go!”

*More vrooming sounds*

His car: “Woohoo! Again!”

My car: “Aw, I blew a tire. Can’t race anymore… Sorry.” 

If you don’t get bored playing with your kids, please let me in on your secret! Although I do have some great ways to play with my kids when I’m feeling bored, honestly, sometimes I really just don’t even feel like playing at all. 

If you’re a bit like me and tend to get a little “bleh” after a few minutes of playtime, I’ve rounded up some great gifts to give your preschooler this Christmas (or birthday, or whenevs) that are sure to keep ’em entertained without you. Trust me, they’ll be fine playing alone and you’ll be one happy camper because of it. You’re welcome. [This post may contain affiliate links]

 Gifts that Entertain Your Preschooler So You Don't Have To.png

Play parachute

I’m buying one of these for my kiddos this Christmas. We used one recently in a library story time class and all of the kids loved it! I remember using one of these in my elementary school days during gym too, and it was always a good time. 


Put that thinker to work and buy your kiddos some puzzles! You can purchase the fancy wooden ones (Melissa and Doug have a great variety), or you can check out Dollar Tree for the cardboard kind. I’ve seen so many cool character puzzles at my local dollar store. Examples include: Lisa Frank, Spiderman, Lion King, Powerpuff Girls, Doc McStuffins, and so many more in many different sizes, from 24 pieces to 1000! 


These are so fun, and they can actually be a cute little decor piece in your kid’s room if you decide to buy a fancy one.  

My son used to sleep in his tent all the time. I recently had to get rid of it though because it broke (my kids love to destroy things 🙄), but I’m definitely looking into purchasing or DIY-ing another one soon!   

Arts and crafts

Go classic with a coloring book and crayons. Trust me, your kid will have a blast. However, if your child gets bored with coloring books quickly, look into paint-with-water books or perhaps a craft box like the one pictured above. The possibilities are endless with this one! 

Leap Reader

This is another one I’m getting my kids for Christmas. In my opinion, it’s more or less a glorified audiobook, but hey; it’s more interactive and it supposedly teaches letter recognition and reading. So if the price is right, why not, eh? 


We’ve had our tunnel for almost 4 years now and my kids STILL play with it; not every single day, but at least once or twice a week. They love chasing each other from one end of the tunnel to the other, and back again.  

These tunnels are also great because they folds up nicely and can fit just about anywhere. Definitely worth it!  

Remote control helicopter or car

Maybe it’s the ‘control’ part, but there’s something about being able to take command of an object and make it go wherever you want it to; like bossing it around without getting in trouble. 😏 Either way, this is a toy that kids can play with for hours, so long as the batteries last! 


These classic little building blocks have been around for decades for a reason. They fuel imagination, and they’re just flat out fun! There are bigger sizes for younger ages, so pick some out that are just right for your kiddo and let them create!   


What things do your kids play with independently that give you a little break from playtime? Let me know in the comments below! I plan on being a stay-at-home mom for at least the next couple years, so I need all the help I can get.

Until next time…

live life lazily

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