I’m Whitney, the lazy guru around these parts. I enjoy doing things in life the easiest way possible because any other way would be too daggone hard.

Lazy Life with Littles is here to share some great go-to hacks, and frugal tips & tricks for just about anything. Parenting is difficult enough, so I hope this blog will allow you to do all your daily deeds with ease and live life lazily, too!

Fun Facts 

  • I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life… really gotta move soon.
  • I still watch cartoons.
  • And play Mario on my old school Super Nintendo.
  • I love the smell of books.
  • Both of my babies were unplanned… SURPRISE! 👶👶
  • I lost my two front teeth by falling flat on my face as a kid.
  • I get pretty excited about healthy eating.
  • But I don’t eat healthy 100% of the time (I love traditional pizza WAY too much).
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree that I have never, ever used.
  • I never rarely drink caffeine. Even just a little bit makes me jittery.

Real Facts

  • My marriage isn’t perfect.
  • I compare myself to others.
  • I’m mostly a pessimist, but definitely working on this.
  • I struggle with self esteem and body image.
  • I’m an emotional person.
  • I don’t have a lot of patience. I definitely lose my cool sometimes.
  • I love my family with all of my heart.